4 rangers wounded in roadside bomb attack in Bannang Sata district

Four para-military rangers were wounded when an armoured car on which they were travelling on a routine patrol mission in Bannang Sata district of Yala was hit by a roadside bomb on Sunday.

The powerful explosion from an explosive device believed to weigh about 20 kilogrammes hidden in a drainage tube under the road in Ban Dalapae village in Tambon Khern Bang Lang caused serious damage to the armoured car and punched a hole about 1.5 metre deep and one metre in diameter on the road.

However, para-military rangers who were riding on a pick-up truck after the armoured car opened fire into the bushes on both sides of the road where militants were suspected to be hiding and detonating the bomb with a detonator wired with the bomb.

Then the rangers rushed to the damaged armoured car to pull their men out to safety and rushed them to Bannang Sata district hospital.

Military officers said that the bomb attack could be a retaliation by the militants following the killing of two militants in Sai Buri district of Pattani last week.