4-hour hostage drama in Uttradit ends peacefully

A knife-wielding man who held the owner of a motorcycle dealer’s shop and three other employees hostage agreed to free his hostage unharmed after tough negotiations with a military negotiator.

The drama took place at a motorcycle dealer’s shop in Muang district of Uttradit on Wednesday (Aug 9) morning.

According to police report, the man, a native of Phangnga province, walked into the dealer’s shop when it opened for business and charged into the office where the owner, Mr Poonsak Chupanichsakul, was holding a meeting with his three staffers.

Using a knife, the perpetrator forced the four men to stay in the office with him without making any demands or threatening to harm the hostages.

After being alerted of the incident, a police squad was rushed to the scene. They were later joined by Col Prasitpong Moondee, deputy director of Internal Security Operations Command’s Uttradit branch office.

The colonel then started negotiating with the perpetrator to release the hostages. The negotiation dragged on for about four hours until the perpetrator agreed to surrender and free the hostages.

The perpetrator reportedly told the police afterward that he was very stressed after his wife and two children abandoned him.  He said he went to Phayao province to look for them but didn’t find them.

The shop owner said he would not file any complaint against the perpetrator because he did not hurt any of them.