380 people died in New Year’s 7-day festive season

The Road Accidents Prevention Centre said a total of 380 people died and 3,505 injured in 3,379 road accidents throughout the country during the seven days of the New Year's festive season, starting from December 25.

Of the total death toll, Nakhon Ratchasima had the highest deaths of 15 people.

Only on January 4, the last day of the seven dangerous days, 40 persons died and 289 injured in 287 accidents happened in a single day.

Drunk driving was blamed to be the main cause of most accidents or 20.14%, followed by speeding, 17.28%.

Chiang Mai had the highest accumulated cases of 139  accidents and injuries of 140 people.

Compared with last year’s road accidents, this year’s fatalities were higher.

Last year, 367 people died, 3,344 injured in a total 3,174 accidents during the same period.