3 baggage handlers nabbed for stealing from passengers’ baggage at Phuket airport

Three baggage handlers at Phuket international airport were arrested by tourist police and airport security officials at a rented house in Muang district of Phuket on Sunday.

Over 100 items of valuables allegedly stolen from the baggage of passengers of an airline were seized from the rented house in Tambon Sakhu.

The three suspects who all work as baggage handlers of a company at Phuket international airport were identified as Nirut Saksri, 29, Manote Narkpochit, 30, and Chakrit Chanprasert, 23.

Police said they also found a small quantity of illicit drug in the possession of Chakrit.

The arrest of the three suspects followed intensive investigation by tourist police and airport security officials after they receive complaints from an airline company that several belongings kept in the baggage of their passengers went missing, believed stolen, as of December.

Examination of CCTV footage helped the authorities in pinning down the three baggage handlers.

The three men reportedly confessed to the police that they stole valuables from passengers’ baggage. They were slapped with theft charges and detained at Sakhu police station for questioning.