A 20-kg bomb was found near a road in Narathiwat and defused

Security forces stumbled on an improvised explosive device hidden under a tree about 200 metres from Sukhirin-Janae road in Narathiwat province on Monday (Sept 25).

The IED which was converted from a 20-kg air-conditioner fluid cylinder was reported to be in working condition was later defused by a team of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) officials who were rushed to the scene in Ban Namsai, TambonGia, Sukhirin district, after they were alerted by security forces.

Security forces walked in a single file in rubber plantation about 200 metres from both sides of the road to scour for IEDs which might be hidden in the plantation. They found this IED under a rubber tree which was believed to be taken for use against patrolmen travelling on the road.

Instead of blowing it up, the EOD officials decided to defuse the bomb and to closely examine it with the hope of finding some fingerprints or DNA traces which could lead to identifying the bomb makers and others.