2.2 million methamphetamine pills in cement truck from Chiang Mai to Hat Yai seized

A cement truck driver and his passenger were arrested today for drug trafficking after over 2 million methamphetamine pills were found hidden inside the cement tank.

The cement truck from Chiang Mai was intercepted in Chumphon province on its way to Hat Yai.

The seizure of the huge cache of meths came after police received a tipoff from informer about a shipment of drugs would be smuggled on a cement truck from the North to the South.

All road checkpoints on the southern routes were placed on alert to watch out for any cement truck from the northern provinces to the South.

A cement truck with tipped off license number was spotted on the way to the South on May 13.

Authorities then followed the truck down the southern route as it was very unusual for the transport of cement from the North.

As the cement truck arrived near a road checkpoint in Pathiew district of Chumphon, the driver drove into a petrol station instead as if he tried to avoid the checkpoint.

Authorities who followed the truck then declared themselves and ordered the search.

The search of the cement tank produced many backpacks with 1,100 plastic packages inside.

Opening of the sealed packages revealed over 2.2 million methamphetamine pills.

The truck driver identified as Tanisorm Sornkla, 48, and his passenger Yossawat Vajaratithiladaporn were arrested.

They confessed to deliver the drugs from Fang district of Chiang Mai to a customer in Hat Yai for a payment of 500,000 baht each.