NGO wants amended health care bill put on hold

A health insurance advocacy group has asked the cabinet to put on hold amendments to the National Health Insurance Act proposed by the National Legislative Assembly, claiming that the changes were made without public participation.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the group said they had just got hold of a letter from the Office of the Secretary-General of the Cabinet to the Public Health Ministry dated August 8 instructing the ministry to provide inputs to the NLA’s amendments bill.

The group claimed that the National Health Insurance Act was the creation of all stakeholders, including 11 networks of the people’s sector. It was one of the first laws that the people were actively involved in its drafting, said the group.

The group noted that the amendments bill was done solely by the NLA without any participation from the people’s sector and, for that matter, it should be put on hold by the cabinet and its content should be made public.

The group proposed that an ad hoc panel comprising representatives from all stakeholders to take part in amending the Act.