NBTC meet mobile phone operators to set safety nets to protect Pokemon gamers

The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission on Tuesday invited representatives from the Culture Ministry, Social Development and Human Security Ministry and five mobile phone service providers for discussion on how to find ways to protect Pokemon Go gamers from negative consequences from the gaming, especially the online buying of game items.

The five mobile service providers are Advance Infor Service, DTAC, Cat Telecom, TOT Public Company and True Corp.

Three issues were discussed at the meeting and they are safety, working handbook on how to play the game and protection of consumers or players from anticipated high phone fees or bill shock.

On safety issue, it was agreed that True Corp which introduced the game in Thailand must list a number of places or zones to be avoided which include hospitals, railroads, klongs, schools, government offices, religious places and private properties. The list must be completed and sent to the NBTC in three days after which the NBTC will send it to the game developer and provider in the US for consideration.

All the five mobile phone providers must come up within three days on a handbook on how to play the game for children and parents.

Regarding the phone fees from the playing of the game, only AIS and DTAC charge the fees from the buying of items in their phone bills. AIS agreed to set the daily limit for the buying of items at 1,000 baht a day and 10,000 baht a month and the players will be notified of the fee charge through SMS while DTAC set the ceiling at 8,000 baht a month for item purchases and also agreed to notify players of the fee charge through SMS.