Dhammakaya followers are ready to return 400 million baht to Klongchan Credit Union if…

Followers of Wat Dhammakaya are willing to return the 400 million baht in donation given to the temple if the Department of Special Investigation can verify that the money was misappropriated from Klongchan Credit Union Cooperatives by its former management and given to the temple.

Mr Ong-art Thamnita, spokesman of the followers, made the above statement in response to the DSI’s claim of the recent finding of a copy of 400 million baht cheque given to the temple and the suspicion that the money might be stolen from Klongchan Credit Union Cooperatives by its former executives.

He said that the followers would raise fund among themselves and supporters of the temple to compensate the Klongchan Credit Union Cooperatives – a practice that they had done before.

The spokesman then accused the DSI of double-standard practicing for its ferocious pursuit of actions against Phra Dhammachayo while doing nothing with Phra Buddha Isara, the abbot of Wat Or Noi, who joined the People’s Democratic Reform Committee protests against the former Yingluck government.

Ong-art further said that the temple would welcome the media into the temple to find out with their own eyes whether the temple stored arms as alleged or not.