13-year-old boy nabbed for motorcycle theft

A 13-year-old boy who allegedly stole eight motorcycles within a month was caught by police hours after he stole a motorcycle parked in front of a food shop in Mahaisawan area in Thon Buri.

Samrae police were alerted of the motorcycle theft by its owner who said he had dinner with some friends at the food shop on Monday night (Jan 8), but when he came out to return home, he found his motorcycle went missing.

The police checked CCTV footages at the area and saw two youths, including the 13-year-old boy, tampering with the victim’s motorcycle and then drove it away.  They managed to track the younger boy down to a house in Soi Wat Dao Khanong in Thon Buri and made the arrest.

Photo: Samrae police station

Pol Col Passapong Bootthai, superintendent of Samrae police, disclosed that the suspect whose name was withheld because of his young age was living with his grandmother after his parents divorced long time ago.

He did not attend school and often spent his time in game and internet parlors. And after having stolen a motorbike, he and his accomplices would ride it around and would discard it when it ran out of fuel or when they encountered a police road block.

The police officer said the two alleged thieves would normally target old motorcycles because they were easy to be stolen.  They simply inserted a skeleton key into the ignition switch and the engine would normally start.

He went on saying that the suspect allegedly confessed that he was involved in five break-ins which brought him about 20,000 baht in cash and a cellphone.  He added police were looking for his accomplice.

The suspect was initially charged with theft.