13 rearrested after 22 broke out of a remand home in Surat Thani

Twenty-two youths broke out of a remand home in Surat Thani province today (Friday) but 13 of them were arrested shortly afterward by a police and military force.

About 100 youths were reported to be involved in the breakout with several of them, wielding sticks and bricks, rushing toward the front gate of the remand home where one official, Mr Panakorn (surname unknown), was on guard. He was beaten up.

However, only 22 of the detained youths managed to escape. Some of the group robbed a motorcycle from a Ms Thitiporn Wattanapan who was living near the remand home and made good the escape.

After the breakout, a team of policemen and army troopers was rushed to the remand home to tame the remaining youths who were eventually forced to their sleeping quarter and locked up.

A manhunt was immediately launched and 13 of the escapees were re-arrested.

Corrections officials said that several of the escapees were transferred from a remand home in Songkhla province where they started making trouble in a failed attempt to break out.