A 12-man Seal reinforcement team arrives at the cave with more equipment

The second 12-man Seal team arrived at Tham Luang cave on Friday to beef up the search and rescue operations to assist the 12 footballers and their coach who have gone missing inside the cave with their fate unknown for seven days today.

The Seal reinforcement was accompanied by Navy Commander-in-Chief Admiral Narit Pathumsuwan who said that the new arrivals would work alternately with 13 Seal members who have been at the cave since the beginning of the operation.

He said the main obstacle hampering the efforts of the Seal team is the high water level and strong currents in the cave.

Meanwhile, the Naval Science Department said oxygen level in the cave is at safe level for officials to operate in the cave.

Officials of the department have regularly checked oxygen level in the cave complex during the past five days and found there is enough oxygen for the search and rescue teams working in the cave and, hopefully, enough oxygen from the 13 trapped deeper inside the cave.

Chief petty officer (first class) Kosri Onsamphan of the nuclear biochemistry division of the Naval Science Department said that, during the past five days, he checked the level of oxygen in the cave every morning, noon and when there were many people in the cave, bringing in equipment in support of the search and rescue operations.

He explained that if there are many people in the cave, the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled from the people there would increase as the amount of oxygen would decrease accordingly.

If the oxygen level is measured at 19 percent, it is normal but if it is lowered by 1-2 percent, then the measurement device will beep, he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Anmar Mirezar, a coordinator of the US cave rescue committee, said that the 12 trapped boys and their coach could survive with just water for about a month in the cave because they are still young and strong provided that the weather inside the cave is not too cold and they are on dry ground.