101.5 tonnes of garbage collected from Khao San area during April 12-16 Songkran festival

Phra Nakhon district office’s garbage collectors and cleaners have collected about 101.5 tonnes of rubbish littered on Khao San and surrounding roads by Songkran revelers during April 12-16.

The amount of garbage collected during Songkran festival from the afore- mentioned roads was 33.5 tonnes more that the amount collected during the same period last year.

The Phra Nakhon district office also used up 384,000 litres of water to wash up the roads during the five-day celebration compared to 234,000 litres used in last Songkran.

Cleaners and garbage collectors from the district office cleaned the roads and collected garbage every night during the five-day period after the revelers had dispersed.

A big cleanup was held on Monday under the supervision of Mrs Silpasuey Raveesangsoon, the deputy city clerk, with cooperation from business operators in Khao Sarn area.

Besides Khao Sarn road, the other adjacent roads such as Tanao, Chakrabhong, Kraisri, Tanee, Sibsamhang and Rammontree were also cleaned.