100 million baht worth of seized valuables put on auction by ONCB

The Office of Narcotics Control Board today (Sunday) staged a public auction of more than 500 items of valuables worth over 100 million baht which were seized from drug traffickers.

Among the seized items put on auction are Nissan Skyline R35 sports car, Mercedes Benz sports car, Harley Davidson big bike and etc.

ONCB secretary-general Permpong Chavalit said that the auction was the biggest ever since last year as the office had seized large quantities of valuables from suspected drug traffickers.

He said that proceeds from the auction would be used to activities of the ONCB and to help drug suppression officials who were wounded or killed in the course of their performance of duties.

Ever since the enforcement of the new narcotics law in 1991, a total of 1.7 billion baht worth of valuables linked to drug business have been seized by the court in 3,705 court cases.